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The Blooms of Naught A half-day online event

The Blooms of Naught

with Naomi Lewis

Midwinter and the Earth is silent. Within the stillness, the processes of death and decay can be observed for their ouroboric proximity to life. And as the Earth Serpents turn at the heart of Chthonia – the land of the deep – so the Garden of Nought bursts into life.

It is at this darkest point of the year we gather to die; to all that is worn & torn and to shed the old skins that constrict new life. We traverse a primordial path to the secret garden of the so-below and stand naked, inhaling the scent of the shades. The fragrance of renewal invites the prima materia that was hidden in the dross of these times, to rise to the surface of ourselves. At this key liminal moment, we are cast into the centrifugal spin that turns the planets themselves and all that must be intentionally lost, is gone. During this half day and night together, we will charm the serpentine life out of death. A series of practices and ritual engagements will take place as we sit at the threshold of all things, administering the arcane as medicine for the parched soul.

The Bravest – grope a little –
And sometimes hit a Tree
Directly in the Forehead –
But as they learn to see –

Either the Darkness alters –
Or something in the sight
Adjusts itself to Midnight –
And Life steps almost straight.

We Grow Accustomed To The Dark (extract) – Emily Dickinson

A body of group dream work will also take place through the night, concluding in a coagulation of our collective images which will be forwarded to each participant as nourishment for your future paths.