COVID-19 Response
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Serpentine Shunt A half-day online event

Serpentine Shunt

with Naomi Lewis

One year into the global pandemic and the great un-structuring of our world continues. Had this occurred in the ancient world we might have turned to the Earth Serpent for admonition on how to proceed and glean gold from the chaos; for within so many of the myths, folklore, religions and the animistic ways, she was seen as the ultimate power. She is also a he, and he is also a they, fluency living as it does, in the forked tongue and lost language of Serpent Lore. This liquidity applies to all the wisdom administered by this archetypal form and spirit, underpinned by both chthonic and stellar potencies that set it alight as font of healing and rejuvenation, bar none.

Serpentine Shunt is an immersive plunge into the medicinal and primordial apothecary that is this ourobouric genius of our universe. If you are tired and inert, wanting ignition and illumination, if you are weary with isolation and want to plug into the connective tissue of the earth, then this work may bring solace and succour.

Cost: £70 (£60 concessionary rate for those affected by Covid or on low income)