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Serpentine Sapience A half-day online event

Serpentine Sapience

with Naomi Lewis

Serpentine Sapience is a plunge, drop and rise. This experiential gathering will forensically explore liquidity and impulse, as proffered by the Serpentine Force within the Earth. With this focus as our fulcrum we will travel out & into specific areas of enquiry, through movement, meditation and the visionary interchange between ourselves and the spirits. We shall totter across indefinitely ancient landscapes on deliberately high heels and sibilant stilts to upend the ordinary in favour of the unusual, opening up unfrequented pathways that can lead us to horizons new.

If your desire is to reshape parts of your inner architecture, loosen the rigid and unbind the restricted, this will be a useful drop into the alchemical pot. Gather your glad rags and join us for a romp along the mercurial tracks of Python and Typhon…


  • Saturday 29th May 2021
    4.30pm – 9.45pm BST




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Concessions at £60 for those on low income or financially affected by Covid. Choose "reduced price, financial assistance" tickets when booking or contact Naomi to arrange concession