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The School of the Serpent Fool

Workshops & Trainings

The School of the Serpent Fool can be found at the crossroads of the worlds. Here the dreaming matter of the in-between is explored, excavated, moulded, shaped & shifted into a mantic mirror, that can be peered into for radical visions of change. It is the house of the Impossible-Possible and the home of the Crazy-Wisdom Keepers, with an architecture that leads to the abyss of bliss & the antechamber of smashed taboos. It is the Real-Fantastic where our stories become myths in the theatre of the gods. It is the broken-soul’s road home; a place for the brave and the weeping & the joyous, raucous wisdom that seeps relentlessly into our tired bones when we gather up our courage and take determined leaps of faith fashioned from the genius of pure risk. 

The Serpent Fool Workshop

with Naomi Lewis and Deborah Willimott

The Serpent Fool dances with gleeful abandon
On the precipice of naught;
All but mutability is rent,
Earth Serpents two,
Python & Typhon,
Ascend their intoxicated emissary.
Forked tongues
Spear the status quo;
spit it out…
Their Fool,
Amok with serpent force
Sees the gyres of all and everything
And from them
Brews within
A nektar of healing disorder.

Our species has arrived at zero. We cannot follow the known path if we wish to thrive profoundly on the planet. A new paradigm must be born out of transmuting old errors. The time has come: The Serpent Fools are called upon to act. In their inseparable relationship with the magnificent and shimmering earth serpents, Python & Typhon, they shatter the orthodox and out of the glittering shards audaciously rebuild a world that reflects and refracts blinding new landscapes, that were previously inconceivable.

The work of The Serpent Fool takes place in a threshold location, well known to those who walk such ways. It is here in this liminal locale, using an alchemical form of exploration, that we – as Serpent Fools – will surrender to our sibilant selves. Women and men together will engage intrepid modalities, expressive forms and strong shamanic praxis in work for which only Death or Glory voices need apply.

“To become a Serpent Fool takes guts. Its not a learning for the faint-hearted. I uncoiled, as I slithered, twisted and danced, awakening the serpents within. I walked the tightrope of the Fool and transformed as I shed a layer of skin. If you choose to step through this door bring everything you’ve got – you’ll need it – the rewards are great and continue to unfurl long after the training”.
Richard Wolfströme FRSA
Creative Director and Shamanic Practitioner

Attendance of this course is by application only .
To apply write to Naomi Lewis expressing your interest in attending. A phone call or Skype may be requested of some applicants.

Return of the Performing Shaman – The Serpent Fool Training

with Naomi Lewis and Deborah Willimott

In a serpent rul’d Arcadia
the blueprint
Improvidus apto quod victum – improvise, adapt, overcome
Impelled by the momentum of death we recall that
we are permanently in a state of falling,
funambulatory skeletons
between the as above and so below,
riddled with inchoate agony for lost ecstasy,
an unmet yen that turns
our Earth
from paradise to hell
in the blink of an eye.
Disavow, then, repression
for the gyres of the abyss
eschew the gravity of mundanity
for the gravitas of freedom
Let us unto Eden

In this two-part training expect to run, pell-mell, into the unknown. Working with provocative praxes including gyroscopism, spontaneous shape-shifting street theatre, experiments in polarity, and ceremony under the auspices of the Lord & Lady of Misrule, we will go beyond the pale and into the infinite possibility of the threshold.

Only those with a devastating thirst for liberty need apply. Tearaways and the hare-brained welcomed.

Please note, date for Component the Second to be advised.


  • Sat 16 Nov – Thu 21 Nov 2019
    Component the First


£1666 (fully residential; fee includes accommodation, food and tuition)

Maximum number of participants: 22


This training is fully booked and has now commenced. The pre-requisite for undertaking the training is The Serpent Fool workshop together with a committed wont to work in a risk taking environment within which you are willing to go beyond the safety of the known. If you are interested in participating in a future Serpent Fool Training please write to Naomi Lewis expressing your interest: Eleven places are available for women and eleven for men.