COVID-19 Response


with Naomi Lewis and Deborah Willimott

Gathering is a safe port from the storms of our times; a haven and holy place to revivify our bruised & battered bones and a refuge for our numinous radiance. As a weekly online class it has been devised and constructed to provide sanctuary and enquiry pertinent to the chaotic dismembering of the world, unfolding around us all. To describe the kind of vessel we are offering we alighted upon the term depth precision, in which we draw upon our collective and long standing experience to consolidate a space that holds a practice of substance and accuracy, whilst being nurturing, loving and kind.

At a nuts and bolts level it is a themed 75 minute weekly class that works with a fourfold form: a walking meditation; a movement practice; a further meditation either in stillness or with some movement and a walking meditation to integrate and close. All aspects can be adapted to those with restricted mobility and participation in Gathering presumes no prior experience in meditation, shamanic or other spiritual practices; all are welcome.

Gathering is now an ever growing global community of like-minded souls, coming together each week as women and men, they and them, and feedback has been heartening: ‘the return of ecstasy’; ‘lovingly cradled’; ‘joyous’; ‘rejuvenated’ and ‘at peace’…

Gathering is a drop-in class, with a suggested donation is £15 but we turn no one away for lack of funds, should you have been financially affected by the pandemic or on a low income, or both. Likewise others are choosing to pay more than the suggested donation and in so doing support others and contribute to making the class sustainable for all. We hope to gather with you soon.

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