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The Dancing Shamans

The Dancing Shamans

with Simon Buxton assisted by Rebecca Hanscombe

Shamans were not only the first healers, they were also the first artists and in that role the first dancers. It is now broadly accepted that well before shamans expressed themselves and their experiences through other means, they did so with & through their own bodies; The Dancing Shamans. Dance is our earliest art form and one of the classical tools used by shamans the world over, always understood to be sacred in origin and offering a spirit-road for the ingress of spirits, leading towards spirit embodiment and states of consciousness in which the shaman seeks balance with the totality of the forces of life.

This new ceremonial workshop draws on Simon Buxton’s three decades of shamanic work, bringing together some of the most important and transformative dances, each with a particular focus on ritual metamorphosis via the sacred time of the timeless. The work will be supplemented by strong ceremony, shamanic dream work and interaction with the ancestral dancing shamans who continue their work outside the circles of time.



£675 (fully residential; fee includes accommodation, food and tuition)

Maximum number of participants: 20

PLEASE NOTE: this is not a ‘trance dance’ or an ‘ecstatic dance’ workshop, although trance and ecstasy will inevitably be engaged with and experienced. Rather this is a ceremonial workshop for those people who wish to surrender for several days and nights into the arms of the spirit of the dance, one of humanity's most enduring allies.