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Rebecca Hanscombe

Rebecca Hanscombe is a professional shamanic practitioner and founder of The School of Ecstatic Movement which trains facilitators in the methods of Ecstatic Awakening Dance. She has over twenty years experience as a teacher & facilitator of group process which includes having introduced dance/movement therapy to inmates within Holloway closed category prison, a pioneering role with which she was involved for over a decade.

Rebecca carries a profound understanding of what it is to enter into and then navigate transformational, non-ordinary states of consciousness and how to traverse these epiphanous states. Through her deep connection and trust in the body-based shamanic practices of the dancing shamans, she has been inspired & guided to develop an important new training for The Sacred Trust – The Shaman’s Dance –  which utilises the full spectrum of tools within the shamanic experience. Rebecca completed her professional shamanic training with The Sacred Trust in 2005 and has since then assisted Simon Buxton and other faculty members alongside her own teaching work.