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Deborah Willimott

Deborah Willimott worked as an award-winning magazine writer for nearly a decade before relocating to the French alps to become an avid snowboarder and climber, skills that she developed and then added to her existing passions for yoga, the trapeze, boxing, mountain biking and other physically demanding disciplines and practices. For the last twenty years she has been engaging in shamanic work, formally with Nicholas Hurn within the lineage of Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) and more recently within the Lyceum, in which she is one of a small cadre of teachers. Together with India Rose Waters she teaches an advanced training Arte Triptych Melissae and with Allison Brown facilitates the ten-day retreat Melissae Lyceum Lectorum as well as the new workshop The Void. Deborah also assists Naomi Lewis in facilitating The Serpent Fool courses and Pythoness trainings. The marriage of physically demanding activities and shamanism well describe her adventurous nature as a teacher and she brings this into the classroom as an exacting attention to detail and laser focus. Her facilitation is illuminated by a levity of spirit that engenders ease and her commitment to the work of the sacred is fathomless