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Betsy Bergstrom

Betsy Bergstrom is a full-time shamanic teacher and practitioner, considered by many to be the foremost workshop leader specialising in despossesion methods teaching in the world today.

She holds the rare ability to open portals between worlds, archetypes and dimensions for the explicit purpose of gathering knowledge, changing possibilities and attuning to a higher awareness. As a recognised seer and oracle, she brings inspiration and knowledge to her students through constellating mythic landscapes with important stories to tell. For the last decade her gifts have focused on the compassionate release of possessing spirits to create healing for the possessed, the possessor and the world itself.

As well as extensive training with both indigenous shamans and in classical shamanism, Betsy is a lineage holder and dharma protector in the Tibetan Shije tradition of Chod in the lineage of Machik Lapdron and Padampa Sangye dedicated to sharing Dakini Wisdom.

Betsy Bergstrom is a brilliant teacher and healer.
She is clear, grounded, authentic, and teaches from a place of integrity.
Betsy is a true shaman, and I highly recommend her work.