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Allison Brown

Allison Brown is a teaching member of the Lyceum. Shortly after receiving a degree in zoology from King’s College London, she commenced her osteopathic training, eventually specialising in cranial work, and for the last twenty years has worked in private practice in a variety of clinics in Harley Street, North London and Hertfordshire. Twenty-three years ago she commenced her shamanic work, originally in New Zealand with the native Maori peoples and then within The Lyceum, in which she now holds a teaching role. Allison possesses an unusual gift of seership and a rare sensitivity regarding the poetics of energy work and carries the ability to unite the most potent healing modalities from the ancient past with the deepest needs of the contemporary heart and soul. Together with Simon Buxton she facilitates the Darkness Visible courses offered by The Sacred Trust and with Deborah Willimott teaches the ten-day retreat Melissae Lyceum Lectorum as well as the new Lyceum course The Void.