I signed up for Serpent Fool because the description of the training seemed to promise an extreme challenge; being taken to the edge, and possibly a major transformational experience and, I wanted that — more than anything.

I longed for every fiber of my being to be called upon. Maybe I wanted to feel life — its intensely extreme possibilities — to contrast a lackluster, fogginess, that had been looming for some time. I longed for such a challenge to knock me into experiencing the life I dreamed of.

Home from Serpent Fool, I was empty, awestruck and ready. I have been fully blooming ever since. If you’re truly wanting a challenge that may re-set your life, The Serpent Fool is for you; if you step in completely.

Dana Lichtstrahl
Author & Educator

Shamanic Curse Unravelling: The very name seems to speak of dark and murky times gone by – but this course brings this subject right up to date, to our time. To personally witness the effect of curses set long ago on family lineage and how they play out in our present day lives has been a profound and revealing experience. The course structure enabled me to learn step by step the nature of curses – how we can even unintentionally curse ourselves and others and the far reaching effects these can have in our lives and the lives of others. Exploring ancestral and lineage curses and being able to unravel them with a strong circle of people likewise drawn to do this work was an honour and a privilege. Being shown how to work safely and with support from specific spiritual allies and fellow participants by Simon’s clear and compassionate teaching is a gift that I treasure. What I take from this course is a sense of the invisible word becoming more visible, layer by layer, and a deeper understanding of the unseen forces that are playing out in our lives and influencing our daily decisions and actions.

Compassionate Depossession Training: The name says it all, compassion for those who are lost and weary and wanting to finally go home. This course takes the demonization out of possession and reinstates the love and compassion which is so essential for final resolution. To be able to witness human souls or beings from other places finally being able to have the road home illuminated for them is hard to describe in words. Not even profound does it justice – there are no words, just a deep feeling of relief. For me learning about different types of possession, how it can happen, how being possessed can affect physical and mental health was fascinating. Participating in the depossession process both as ‘client’ and ‘shaman’ has been truly life changing. Seeing how I have been overshadowed and influenced by other life forces in my field during my life has been humbling, and the depossessions have had the effect for me of creating increasing clarity out of confusion. Knowing that now I am freer and more able to make decisions that are heart centred and true for me is so welcome.

Anne Smith
Touchstone Coaching

For those considering work at The Sacred Trust, I offer some words that may give you a taste of some of the experiences I have had. Every moment spent there enriches my life.

One of my first engagements was The Spirit of the Drum. Over thousands of years, so many people from so many cultures have witnessed powers of the drum. This workshop reflected those powers and called them forth to arrive into the beautiful space right before our hearts. What was special for me was being enabled to bypass believing and move straight into knowing the efficacy of the work.

Darkness Visible opened so many doors to deepen my relationships and partnerships with Spirit. The work was sublimely unusual and led to profound changes in my way of being. For those wishing for tangible deepening of your work, I highly recommend the experiences within this body of work.

After gaining some experience I was led to Compassionate Depossession. To get to the crux of this work requires a high level of confidence. Simon Buxton and his team expertly steered participants towards a place where they could safely and effectively operate. What struck me most about this work was I found it incredibly moving to engage in and witness.

During the exquisitely delivered Serpent Fool, I re-learnt so much of what had been un-learnt over my life. Not only was this re-learning a sheer wonder, it was also crucial for me. Effects upon my state of being have been beyond anything I could ever have imagined, effects of truly cosmic proportions. Be prepared to be delightfully shocked out of any smallness you may have picked up in your life, be prepared to be wondrously fired into intense beautiful orbits, be prepared to be held in the safest understanding arms possible. Endless thanks to Naomi Lewis, Deborah Willimott all the team at The Sacred Trust and all the participants in this most extraordinary, unique work.

Meeting the challenges of any curse is essential in these times. Learning to do this safely and successfully relies on highly sophisticated teaching, the presence of a great container, and impeccable support. The Shamanic Curse Unravelling course provides all those qualities, and so the student can freely move in any way she or he is guided. Very quickly I became eager and confident to submit to partnerships that move directly to everything needed to unravel any curse, whatever the construction and strength. This brings an astounding tool into the kit of the practitioner, whether a student or professional.

Simon Chamberlain
Psychology Teacher

Working with deconstructing curses can be complex and intricate. Simon Buxton’s teaching and holding on the Shamanic Curse Unravelling course is impeccable. He guides you professionally, safely, gently and with exceptional clarity through all the stages and complexities of the work. The course is structured in such a way that you are given time and repetition of the practises so that your skill and confidence can grow or be consolidated. I found the work fascinating, challenging and highly rewarding. I came away enthused, knowledgeable and ready to take on clients who need this work. This level of integrity comes through Simon’s own experience and the depth of his work and I thank him and The Sacred Trust wholeheartedly for the courses that they offer.

Sue Marcantonio
Shamanic Facilitator and Body Worker

The Spirit of the Drum is a profound and hugely rewarding course. It provides the opportunity to open the mind, connect with spirit and discover the true nature of the drum. You will never hear a drum beat in the same way again, and all for the better. There are many aspects to the drum which are explored throughout the course, providing enlightening insight and perspective. Not a word is wasted by the course leader, every statement and phrase both eloquently delivered, and full of purpose and meaning. There is much to gain from this course, and you will have your efforts returned in abundance. Come with no expectations and you will leave with the unexpected. As a musician, I wanted to leave the technical side far behind see what lay beyond the everyday musicality of the instrument. I came away with much more than I could ever have thought possible. The knowledge gained from this course has many levels, for some it can enhance and build on existing skills and experiences, for me it was a gear shift into new unchartered waters of understanding. I had felt the call of the drum for some time, but never managed to act on it until now. I only wish I had done this sooner. If you feel drawn to it, with a sense of intrigue, then it is for you.

Jez Smith
Period Musician & Historic Life Interpreter

For more than 3 decades I have been attending workshops not just in the UK, but in Europe and The U.S. I have also spent months in the Amazon Jungle, being trained by a Shipibo master healer.

I was searching for serious shamanic training when I came upon The Sacred Trust. After all the years of searching, I have finally found the diamond I was looking for. The level of teaching is the highest I have encountered and it is an ongoing joy and an ever enriching and deepening experience attending the courses on offer.

I am now on the second year of the three years shamanic practitioner course. It is the best thing I have ever done. I feel blessed.

Zohar Bahir
Airline Pilot (retd)

Its hard to describe The Serpent Fool workshop. Firstly because it left me practically speechless and secondly because its transformative potential is so huge. Both in terms of ones own personal development but also how this specific work can serve as a catalyst in the major shift that is needed between the feminine and the masculine, between the humans and earth herself. In this new body of work Naomi Lewis takes teaching to a new level. She holds the work with grace, compassion, sincerity and humour. As a trained actor I knew that there are sacred and healing aspects of the fool that we haven’t seen in our time. But that I could be so powerful, true and funny, I could never have guessed. The healing mirrors that the Serpent Fool holds up is very much needed in our time.

Nina Ossavy
Actor & Director

The Spirit of the Drum course was beautifully constructed and taught to deepen and broaden our relationship with the drum in many heartfelt ways. It was a very full. rich, powerful and compassionate time. It has been a transformative healing experience, and has caused a big shift in my life. I am so grateful for its many gifts, which continue to grow.

Kate Bell
Reiki Practitioner

I would love to share my utmost admiration to this unique body of work, known as The Path of Pollen.

I am writing these lines as a complete beginner along the shamanic path. Although I find this work suitable for everyone feeling called to it, even if they don’t know why, yet.

I won’t describe my personal journey because everyone’s is unique and there are simply not enough words for it. The work and practices taught are empowering, healing, mind enhancing although grounding, igniting, spiritually connecting and ascending and very transformative on so many levels. It is absolutely intriguing to be taught some of these arcaic practices and I simply love and trust it. I feel that it brings harmony back to the body, mind, soul and spirit and teaches us to listen to our womb wisdom and the ancient female instincts long forgotten and so much more…

With these lines I thank Naomi, India, Deborah and Arianne for their hard work, energy, love and dedication along this Path. Who can truly move between these worlds at ease and it is an honour to witness these exceptional practices. I am glad and grateful those teachings are brought into this world by you with such a lovely touch of humour!

You are creating a very safe and sacred place for this beautiful and compassionate Path of Pollen and connect it into this contemporary time. I also felt very held and cared for. There was always someone you could double check with, the instructions were clear and the work very authentic! Now it is up to everyone practicing what has been taught to bring forward the individual change we desire.

And not to forget, the place where it is held is already very charming and magical, with beautiful woods and ancient trees! And on top of it, there is super delicious healthy food. In every way, the student is very much looked after!

Katharina Mehnert

The Spirit of the Drum course dropped me into depths and connection with the drum I have not experienced before. Simon’s facilitation and guidance felt very grounded and authentic, enabling the establishment of what felt for me to be a strong cohesive group. This in turn enabled me to quickly trust Simon, the group and the process and to be open and receptive to what the drum was bringing forth for me to experience. It is definitely a course I would recommend and one I will want to experience again.

Anne Woodcock
Teacher, Art Therapist & Supervisor