COVID-19 Response

Private Practice from Faculty Members

Deborah Willimott

Deborah Willimott is offering Pollen Method healing sessions and seership guidance – specifically with the tarot, her sacred tool for over twenty years which she has combined with her training and practices within The Lyceum.  She also offers exploratory/therapeutic movement work for individuals and groups. These bespoke experiences weave together threads of shamanism, conscious dance, the physical health benefits of her twelve years as a professional yoga teacher and her experience with the potent methods of the Open Floor Movement modality. She also supports teachers wishing to introduce movement practices into their own workshops and trainings. Deborah is available for private Lyceum practice mentoring and all of her work can be accessed either online or in person (for the latter please contact for more details.)

Richard Wolfstrome

Richard Wolfstrome is based in Brighton and offers shamanic healing and mentoring based on the full range of classical methodologies as taught at The Sacred Trust. He has also an extensive background in men’s shadow work which he offers alongside traditional shamanic mentoring programmes for interested clients. Sessions are offered in person as well as remotely, should practical considerations and COVID-19 safety be a concern. In more recent times, Richard has developed and continues to create sacred fine-art works with the purpose to bring power and healing through art, with designs being firmly rooted in ancient symbolism which have held sacred meaning throughout the ages and into which he has injected own visionary yet contemporary style. These can be seen at If you would like to speak with Richard about shamanic healing and/or anything else related please get in touch by using the following:

Please note that Richard is only undertaking shamanic healing and mentoring with clients remotely at present.

India Rose Waters

India is available for shamanic healing online or in person, once social distancing is lifted. India is also offering private mentoring for any past or present participants from the following courses: Arte Triptych Melissae, The Way of the Melissae and for any students from the Three Year Shamanic Practitioner Training or Spirit of the Drum workshops. India also offers private, online mentoring sessions with a focus on spiritual activism and how to utilise shamanic work in the world to shift paradigms:

Allison Brown

Allison Brown is offering shamanic healing, drawing on both The Pollen Method and classical shamanic modalities. Her shamanic work is suffused with her thirty-year background in cranial osteopathy, bringing an honoring and appreciation of the vital role of the physical body in supporting the integration of spiritual and energetic work. Work is offered in person or remotely as appropriate.

For more information please contact:

Rebecca Hanscombe

Here is a brief outline of three online offerings that I am sharing with Sacred Trust students:

  • Elemental Ecstatic Awakening Dance – Surrender into your body, let the rhythm, soothe, stir, shake, and animate. Express the living elements that reside inside, breathe, move, ignite your freedom, feed your spirit, nurture your heart and fill yourself with ecstatic love.
  • Release Your Orgasmic Potential – Private sessions designed for women who are having difficulty orgasming, or have no/low sexual drive. When you release our orgasmic potential you harness your creativity and get in touch with the joy of life. This is a body centred approach moving through the Seven Gates of the womb/body. Each session builds on the last, shedding layers to claim the gifts that have been overshadowed by your conditioning.
  • Reclaim Love, Power and Wisdom – This powerful one-on-one programme will help you overcome physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages to living your best life. Tuning into your inherent body wisdom. Letting go of old worn out limiting beliefs and habits, you can reclaim your power, nuture self love and use this awareness to set new pathways in motion that have our happiness at their core.

For more information regarding all the above contact:

Simon Chamberlain

I live and teach in Norway and have a practice aimed at helping people move towards harmony in their lives. Within this service I use methods from a variety of fields, including shamanism, counselling, hypnotherapy and mentoring. Each person I work with has unique requirements at different times in their life and sometimes what is needed can be difficult to perceive, so part of my job is to help access that information and guide towards beneficial and workable strategies. I have a straightforward and easy-to-read website at and you can also email me at

Suzanne Roland-Jones

Suzanne Roland-Jones has been The Sacred Trust administrator for the last nine years, but is also a widely respected shamanic healer with an involvement in the healing arts that spans 30 years, with eighteen of those as a shamanic practitioner in private practice. She is currently offering the following services remotely from her home in Cornwall.

  • Shamanic Healing
  • Supervision

Please contact

Anna Shepherd

Anna Shepherd is best known as the amazing Sacred Trust chef, but she is also a renowned tarot reader of 30 years experience who has created her business Ditchwitchtarot to help people navigate through the tangled web of life. She offers private, personal consultations with the tarot for those who are in need of guidance via email, pre-recorded or live video link, according to individual preference. Working with the wisdom of the tarot for the client’s highest and best good is the sound base from which all Ditchwitchtarot readings unfold. Ditchwitchtarot is available to view on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, has an on-line booking service available through a dedicated Etsy shop, and a dedicated YouTube channel where regular free-to-view collective readings are posted for the general public. All are viewable here or you may contact Anna directly: