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Shamanic Healing with Sacred Trust Faculty

Simon Buxton – Private Practice

Simon Buxton is once again working with new clients for both shamanic healing, shamanic counselling and shamanic mentoring, some of the work is offered online and some in-person, always with a COVID-19 Secure Hygiene Policy in place at his Devon practice. His involvement within the shamans world spans over three decades and his healing work has been recognised by both contemporary shamans and indigenous elders alike.

Shamanic Healing with Simon Buxton

“At the moment I am undertaking shamanic healing work with clients in situ only. Shamanic healing draws on the most ancient and time-tested disease theories and is ultimately concerned with the restoration of harmony – physical, emotional, spiritual – for the client. To facilitate this state and status, the work can include soul retrieval; power retrieval; removal of invisible pathogens held in the body; depossession; the unravelling of maledictions and a retinue of other methods. I see one client per day from my home in Devon (twenty minutes from Totnes station) and each session lasts in the region of three-four hours. Covid hygiene conditions are strictly adhered to.” Fee £300

“My healing session with Simon was both deeply profound and transformative. The depth and power of his work, and the very clear presence of the spirits that work with him, felt incredibly safe and holding and allowed me to fully relax into the session and let the work unfold. Simon listened empathically and took the time to explore with me what I needed from the healing and at the end of the session again gave space to explain what came up for both himself and to explore with me my experience, giving clear guidance on how to support myself as the work continued to be processed. I’ve experienced many different types of healing over the years and worked with other shamanic healers, but this was much more powerful than anything I’ve previously experienced. Six months later I still feel the blessings that this healing brought and feel deep gratitude for Simons work.”

Sandra McKeever, BA (Hons), Snr. Accred MBACP., UKRCP, BA (Hons)., Adv. Dip Couns., PG Dip., Cert. Ed,. MSC


Shamanic Mentoring with Simon Buxton

Shamanic Mentoring sessions with Simon Buxton typically take place online via Skype and are spirit witnessed and spirit driven sessions affording advice, admonition and guidance to the client and often centre around the theme of change; moving from inertia to action, and how to view the current global dismemberment as an opportunity for awakening, and the apposite time to address the perennial questions of ‘who am I?’ and ‘why am I here?  Hourly fee: £100

“My shamanic mentoring sessions with Simon have been an integral part of my personal development this year. Undeniably spirit led, they have helped me find direction, gain greater perspective and deep dive into my own nature.  Simon is a master at uncomplicating, relating and enchanting with right words. Each session – a ceremony. Meaningful narratives, revelationary questions, soft probes – there was always so much to take out, digest and dance with afterwards. And the best part – answers always arose before I even knew which questions to ask. I felt so deeply seen. Mentoring sessions are an incredible gift of clarity you can grant yourself.”

Olga Savina – Innovation Consultant

To book a mentoring or shamanic healing session with Simon contact: or phone +44 (0)1726 843226

Naomi Lewis – Private Practice

Naomi Lewis offers online spirit-driven mentoring sessions, within which she draws upon both seership and spirit mediation, married together with her extensive experience as a facilitator and guide. These mentoring sessions offer the client a consort through quandaries and uncertainties, dilemmas, obstacles and issues that are calling out to be resolved. Sixty minute sessions. Fee £80

For further information on any of the above please contact Naomi:



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