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The Serpent Fool Workshop

The Serpent Fool

with Naomi Lewis and Deborah Willimott

The Serpent Fool dances with gleeful abandon
On the precipice of naught;
All but mutability is rent,
Earth Serpents two,
Python & Typhon,
Ascend their intoxicated emissary.
Forked tongues
Spear the status quo;
spit it out…
Their Fool,
Amok with serpent force
Sees the gyres of all and everything
And from them
Brews within
A nektar of healing disorder.

Our species has arrived at zero. We cannot follow the known path if we wish to thrive profoundly on the planet. A new paradigm must be born out of transmuting old errors. The time has come: The Serpent Fools are called upon to act. In their inseparable relationship with the magnificent and shimmering earth serpents, Python & Typhon, they shatter the orthodox and out of the glittering shards audaciously rebuild a world that reflects and refracts blinding new landscapes, that were previously inconceivable.

The work of The Serpent Fool takes place in a threshold location, well known to those who walk such ways. It is here in this liminal locale, using an alchemical form of exploration, that we – as Serpent Fools – will surrender to our sibilant selves. Women and men together will engage intrepid modalities, expressive forms and strong shamanic praxis in work for which only Death or Glory voices need apply.

“To become a Serpent Fool takes guts. Its not a learning for the faint-hearted. I uncoiled, as I slithered, twisted and danced, awakening the serpents within. I walked the tightrope of the Fool and transformed as I shed a layer of skin. If you choose to step through this door bring everything you’ve got – you’ll need it – the rewards are great and continue to unfurl long after the training”.
Richard Wolfströme FRSA
Creative Director and Shamanic Practitioner


  • Thu 16 Apr – Tue 21 Apr 2020

The Sacred Trust Teaching Centre

£827 inc VAT (fully residential; fee includes accommodation, food and tuition)

Maximum number of participants: 22


Attendance of this course is by application only. To apply write to Naomi Lewis nl@sacredtrust.org expressing your interest in attending. A phone call or Skype may be requested of some applicants.

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