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Compassionate Depossession Training

Compassionate Depossession is a body of work pioneered by the shamanic teacher and Sacred Trust faculty member Betsy Bergstrom. Over the last decade Betsy has been teaching the methods and praxes of heart-centered compassionate depossession which is a humane therapy that benefits both the client and the attached possessing being, even if that being or beings are reluctant to leave their host. Betsy Bergstrom has now stepped into a period of sabbatical and has requested that the founder of The Sacred Trust – Simon Buxton – teach this body of work on The Sacred Trust curriculum of courses during her exeat. Betsy & Simon have replaced what historically has been two separate courses (basic and advanced) into one single potent training.

Compassionate Depossession Training

with Simon Buxton

This training covers both basic, intermediate and advanced aspects of compassionate depossession with a view to working in client-practitioner relationship. It is designed for serious shamanic practitioners who are finding the need for skills in depossession and also in curse unravelling work. The work will include extensive review, demonstrations and practical experience and will focus on possession by beings that are both human, transhuman, ex-human and non human: thought forms & obsessions, elemental beings, animal spirits, beings from other dimensions or systems, ‘dark’ forces or archetypes often perceived as ‘evil’.

We shall be exploring the following themes in detail, in both theory and practice:

  • Meeting and merging with specific protector spirits and other members of the depossession practitioners retinue and entourage used in compassionate depossession work.
  • Merging with our divine, True Self, the Divine Light that affords us a unique protection.
  • Calling in the Shining Ones, our personal Angels and Archangels.
  • Guiding the client as a channel for the suffering being.
  • Strategies to communicate with possessing spirits and move them to the light.
  • Tracking the divine light that resides in all suffering beings to compassionately heal them.
  • Healing the residual tears in the luminous field left after depossession is completed.
  • Curse unravelling for both negative thought forms and generational curses. Clearing a curse at its inception, and unwinding the energy through its course.
  • Tracking through the family lineage of a curse.
  • How to deal with the random intrusions of spirits wanting to cross over
  • Dealing with high potency possessing spirits and powerful negative beings.
  • Unravelling complex sorcerous workings and thought-forms.
  • Extraction of elemental beings.
  • Powering up protection and maintenance in high intensity shamanic practice.
  • Helping ourselves and our clients to become “Sovereign” and remain that way
  • Protocols for working with complex cases of possession including multiple possession, sorcery and ancestral patterns
  • Power Stacking: merging with Allies, including additional Allies of Light
  • Psychopomp and Sentinel Angels; advanced Compassionate Allies for advanced work
  • Advanced True Self work; effectively setting the field for faster, more powerful clearing work
  • Protection and Healing Fields: empowering the work space and home to be more powerfully protected
  • Personal ‘Light Building’ to keep vibrant, vital and less drained by Middle World work
  • Clearing Death Wishes, thought forms and various contracts
  • Tools to remain neutral, objective, clear in accomplishing this profound work.

Please note:  All participants must be able to Journey


  • Fri 24 Nov – Tue 28 Nov 2017

The Sacred Trust Teaching Centre

£675 inc VAT (fully residential; fee includes accommodation, food and tuition)

Maximum number of participants: 20