The Shamanic Way of the Bee

No matter where we live, there is a hidden world going on all around us, full of magic, mystery and adventure. Quite literally what we perceive as ordinary reality is far, far more than this, containing secret knowledge which was understood by an ancient, arcane tradition that still exists quietly in our midst. This knowledge, hidden and carefully preserved over thousands of years is revealed for the first time in this book by Simon Buxton – where magic is only a wing flutter away and reality is seen through compound eyes.

In The Shamanic Way of the Bee the intriguing world of bee shamanism – the Path of Pollen – is revealed and explained as both a vital part of our heritage and a practical system of healing, wisdom and spiritual development. It is written as a marriage of ethnography and autobiographical memoir, detailing the true adventure story of his initiation into this ancient tradition. As with all new and unusual experiences, his immersion in a new world order and way of being was sometimes terrifying, sometimes exquisitely beautiful, and readers everywhere will be enchanted as they share his journey.

“This book is like having a backstage-pass into the actual secret life of bees. Bee Master, Simon Buxton, takes us on his shaman’s journey that unveils a tradition that has been held sacred for thousands of years. After reading this book, I felt I had been initiated into the ancient feminine mystery of sacred sexuality.” 
Tori Amos, singer/songwriter

“Simon Buxton’s unusually wondrous tale combined with his exquisite use of words brings radiant life to an ancient  path; the Shamanic Way of the Bee.  Delve into the mystery with Buxton – the story and teachings are brilliant.”
Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval

“An exquisitely written, powerful, and important book. Reveals for the first time a European form of shamanism and healing magic that arises lucidly and sweetly from the world immediately around us – the extraordinary details of which we so often overlook.”
Brooke Medicine Eagle, author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing and The Last Ghost Dance

“As Simon remarks in his fascinating and inspirational book, sometimes we have no choice but to lie still, so that we may become a speck in the universe and drink in the nature of the world. I call my soul to be present, to witness the power of European shamanism and my friend’s journey with the honey bee.”
Elena Avila, author of Woman who Glows in the Dark

“A fascinating, important story of one man’s journey into the shamanic realm and ancient wisdom.”
Oriah Mountain Dreamer, author of The Invitation

“We search the exotic and distant for transformative secrets, well-being and healing. But are we perceptive enough to receive the gifts from the humblest of our own gardens? No matter. Simon Buxton has walked this path, from the primordial to the present, and freely grants us the exquisite treasures contained within The Shamanic Way of the Bee.”
Professor SR Harrop, Chairman, Anthropology Department, University of Kent

“Every now and then there is a book that is not only well thought out but well thought of, one that dares to offer ancient wisdom for the modern spirit. Simon Buxton’s The Shamanic Way of the Bee is such a book. It offers a brilliant and timeless perspective while tantalising the reader with a splendid, eloquent, and comprehensible presentation. A leading voice in shamanism, Simon Buxton has given us a truly remarkable book, one that is destined to withstand the test of time and lead us further down an ancient path in contemporary times.”
Ken Eagle Feather,  author of A Toltec Path

“Within twelve hours of receiving The Shamanic Way of the Bee I had read it from cover to cover – twice! It is an absolutely fascinating insight into the shamanic world and beautifully written.”
Gareth Knight, author of The Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism

“The Shamanic Way of the Bee opens a fascinating door into the world of the European shaman and it is deeply enlightening to explore the wisdom latent in our own indigenous soul. Even for those who are not called directly to the shamanic path, this books offers a unique insight into the arcane knowledge of our ancestors and the hidden gifts of the honeybee.”
Caduceus Magazine

“The Shamanic Way of the Bee is superbly written and powerfully engaging. Buxton is a gifted storyteller, a discerning writer and exceedingly sensitive to the synchronous patterns that link inner and outer worlds. It was a pleasure reading a book that offers so much, not least of all a rare look into a very old and not well known shamanic tradition.”
Dawn Brunke, author of Animal Voices

“In this extraordinary epic, Simon Buxton takes us through the various ordeals through which he passed. It is at one level an important contribution to the reinstatement of sacred sexuality, as well as an ethic of initiation leading to a deeper understanding of the dynamics of life and death.”
The Scientific and Medical Network