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The School of the Serpent Fool

Return of the Performing Shaman – The Serpent Fool Training

with Naomi Lewis and Deborah Willimott

In a serpent rul’d Arcadia
the blueprint
Improvidus apto quod victum – improvise, adapt, overcome
Impelled by the momentum of death we recall that
we are permanently in a state of falling,
funambulatory skeletons
between the as above and so below,
riddled with inchoate agony for lost ecstasy,
an unmet yen that turns
our Earth
from paradise to hell
in the blink of an eye.
Disavow, then, repression
for the gyres of the abyss
eschew the gravity of mundanity
for the gravitas of freedom
Let us unto Eden

In this two-part training expect to run, pell-mell, into the unknown. Working with provocative praxes including gyroscopism, spontaneous shape-shifting street theatre, experiments in polarity, and ceremony under the auspices of the Lord & Lady of Misrule, we will go beyond the pale and into the infinite possibility of the threshold.

Only those with a devastating thirst for liberty need apply. Tearaways and the hare-brained welcomed.


  • Sat 16 Nov – Thu 21 Nov 2019
    Component the First
  • Fri 17 Jul – Wed 22 Jul 2020
    Component the Second

The Sacred Trust Teaching Centre

£1666 inc VAT (fully residential; fee includes accommodation, food and tuition)

Maximum number of participants: 22


The pre-requisite for this training is The Serpent Fool workshop and a committed wont to work in a risk taking environment within which you are willing to go beyond the safety of the known. Eleven places are available for women and eleven for men. If you are interested in participating, please write to Naomi Lewis expressing your interest: nl@sacredtrust.org