Opportunities such as learning from such wise teachers as Simon Buxton and Naomi Lewis come once in a lifetime. I feel very privileged to have been led to the magic and mystery of working with spirit at the beautifully held space of Ashton Lodge in idyllic rural surroundings.

My journey began with The Way of the Shaman workshop in London, where Simon graciously held a large group with such ease and humour as he taught us newbie’s all about Shamanism. I remember many people I worked with during the practical weekend and was led to immediately apply for the 3 Year Professional Training.

While I was waiting, I attended the Spirit of the Drum course which was a deep awakening for me, I cried , laughed, roared & drummed and allowed myself to receive the gifts from the spirits. This genie was not going back in the bottle and now she has dedicated herself to sharing the rich tapestry of shamanic practice with whomever the spirits bring to her.

The personal healing I have received is profound, ever deepening into the truest version of myself I can be and this is who I step into each day with, knowing I have my powerful and compassionate spiritual allies by my side.

I have also stepped onto the ‘Path of Pollen’ which is most beautiful and profound work in restoring power to the divine feminine, a cause very close to my heart & soul. I intend to walk further down this path on completing my 3 year training.

I would recommend the Sacred Trust Teaching Centre to all those who search for a deeper personal authenticity in their personhood and those who yearn to walk in their own sovereignty and grace.

For those who desire a deeper communion with working in the spiritual realms.

For all those who need to feel safe and held by teachers of pure impeccability and genuine love.

My own therapeutic work for people with horses has been trickle fed by the richness and I feel a deep integration emerging within my work. Shamanism is a way of life, a way of being, of loving, of healing and being medicine for the earth. The Sacred Trust is a place to become whole.

Louise Epona Pell
Equine Facillitated Therapist

My first training with the Sacred Trust started in 2004 I have returned many times since. It is now 2016 and I have just attended the Two Week Training in Classical Shamanism, I found the pace of the work perfect. The content was amazing, it covered everything that I needed to refresh and it also brought in new teachings. Simon Buxton is a truly incredible, authentic teacher, he holds the space with total heart felt dedication. I would highly recommend this body of work to anyone who is considering it.

Rosemary O’Toole
Crafter of Shamanic Tools & Medicine Jewellery

Simon Buxton is an extraordinary teacher with a profound contact to the world of spirits and Shamanic Curse Unravelling is one of the best shamanic trainings I have ever attended. I would unhesitatingly repeat this course, because it also contributed to my self-development and allowed me to deepen into the spiritual world

Elisabeth Mayer

Years ago I stumbled by accident, or perhaps more by spirit guidance, on the website of The Sacred Trust, I was searching for a way to deepen my training in shamanism and was looking everywhere in Europe to get some good tuition. I discovered and signed up to their workshop The Spirit of the Drum, which would be a good beginning I thought. I was surprised, when I arrived at The Sacred Trust, Centre how relaxed but very spiritual this place was. The workshop was brilliant; Simon Buxton and Naomi Lewis are truly spiritual people, with a deep sense of the worlds beyond the veil and extraordinary teaching abilities. Their teaching made me grow in ways I couldn’t imagine before.

The first time I saw Simon I knew it. “He is going to be my teacher.”

And so it happened, I did many workshops at The Sacred Trust including the Three year Professional Shamanic Practitioner Training. I have enjoyed every one of them.

I am very grateful for my time at The Sacred Trust, it has brought me a shamanic clarity and insight which enables me to do my shamanic healing work with commitment, thoroughness, happiness and the willingness to dive deeper in the work without looking back. I can heartily recommend The Sacred Trust and its teachers to you all, you won’t regret it one second. Dive into the unknown and embrace the darkness visible.

Gyanjot Jan Bonjer
Shamanic Institute, Holland

The Serpent Fool, a truly heart-warming, inspirational and transformational workshop – be open to falling in love with yourself again, to laugh, to cry, to play and dance. To come home, to rediscover our true self – to rest and relax within the infinite support and ever creative doorway of the lemniscate which vibrates within all of us. I knew it was there but needed a key to unlock it because I had forgotten. Any masks that I was wearing were gently released because they were no longer needed – I had found another way.

I am enough, you are enough and together we can change the world within and without through this effortless realisation. Weaving and creating our own potent remedies and solutions perfectly balanced for the many challenges we are facing in these uncertain times.

Naomi and Deborah fiercely held, loved, supported and challenged us forward – onwards serpent fools, shed those tight skins and shackles which hold you back. Be brave, can you dive in?

This is beautiful work, come and find your personal delight.

Don’t delay, sign up now.

Dr Nicky Bateman

My heart overflows with gratitude for my experience with you all at The Sacred Trust. As each day unfolds, seeds that were planted during the Darkness Visible workshop continue to grow and blossom.  It was an exploration of freedom that has touched me more deeply than anything in my life. I was guided to a place where I could finally let go of the rigid shell encompassing me, and I have made real changes that have set my life in a new direction upward!  A day does not pass that I do not think about what has happened and how grateful I am to have met you all and been witnessed by darkness.

Renae Barton
General Manager, Moby Dick Motel MA - USA

It is my pleasure and truth to be able to highly commend the work of The Sacred Trust. Over the years I have worked with a number of teachers to help develop my shamanic awareness and practice. However, in all those years it was not until I came across the training of The Sacred Trust that I felt I had ‘come home’ and found a framework and teachers whom I could totally trust and who were not coming from a place of ego. I recently attended the Shamanism and the Spirits of Nature course. I felt held and safe to fully explore what has always felt an intuitive connection with nature in the beautiful and powerful ancient setting of The Sacred Trust Centre deep in the Dorset countryside. We were taken to depths of connection with the spirits of nature that sang to me; yet were challenging and very deep. I have learnt transferable techniques and skills that I look forward to passing onto others. Simon is a wise, compassionate, natural teacher who totally able to hold the group. He cares passionately about the work and is incredibly knowledgeable. He is also open to extending his own learning and makes you feel comfortable that you have something to bring to the circle.As a bonus the rest of the staff are efficient, helpful, approachable, humorous and really great cooks! I encourage you to go and experience for yourselves!

Anthea Cooke
Director, Inukshuk Consultancy

The Shamanic Curse Unravelling workshop goes beyond the techniques of dealing with curses to help clients. it opens us to seeing our life experiences with new eyes. It is a momentous thing to understand that certain devastating patterns stem from our lineage, reaching down the centuries, to plunge aspects of our lives into darkness. The power of the transformation that can be wielded as an individual shaman, in group work and in ceremony is a revelation.


The Sacred Trust and its  keepers/teachers Simon and Naomi are amazing teachers! Having completed the Shamanic Practitioner training back in 2006 and then coming back here so many years later to attend Darkness Visible I continue to be filled with deep sense of humility to the profundity and embodiment that these teachers hold. They have a way of inspiring and empowering their students so that the teaching given are absorbed into the body-mind system and retained to keep that standard of excellence and integrity ever present within ones own practice. If only this way of learning and teaching was taken up in our school system we would change the world into utopia in one generation. In my opinion The Sacred Trust is the place to study shamanic practice if you are a sincere seeker of Love, Truth & Wisdom.

Rebecca Hanscombe
Director, The School of Ecstatic Movement

I do not consider that my words can do justice to my experience of The Sacred Trust. To say that it continues to be both deeply healing and transformative is very true but it just doesn’t go far enough. I have found the workshops to be a place and a space so beautifully created, where I am invited to move toward my own authenticity, and as I find the courage to do so I am guided into a deeper relationship with Spirit and encouraged to be open to the possibilities that such a Sacred relationship may hold.
And it is the possibilities which I have glimpsed so far that I struggle to put into words. Arriving at the knowing that I may never feel alone again is such a precious gift to receive, I feel it is my duty to continue into this work in case I may be called upon to be of service. From my heart I say, Thank You All; for holding us so gently and yet so safely whilst we undertake such precious work and for guiding us so skillfully towards the teachings and for showing us the power and joy of community. Our curiosities are stirred and our passions ablaze and a true desire for harmony and change builds within.

Jan Findlay