A truly heart-warming, inspirational and transformational workshop – be open to falling in love with yourself again, to laugh, to cry, to play and dance. To come home, to rediscover our true self – to rest and relax within the infinite support and ever creative doorway of the lemniscate which vibrates within all of us. I knew it was there but needed a key to unlock it because I had forgotten. Any masks that I was wearing were gently released because they were no longer needed – I had found another way.

I am enough, you are enough and together we can change the world within and without through this effortless realisation. Weaving and creating our own potent remedies and solutions perfectly balanced for the many challenges we are facing in these uncertain times.

Naomi and Deborah fiercely held, loved, supported and challenged us forward – onwards serpent fools, shed those tight skins and shackles which hold you back. Be brave, can you dive in?

This is beautiful work, come and find your personal delight.

Don’t delay, sign up now.

Dr Nicky Bateman

My heart overflows with gratitude for my experience with you all at The Sacred Trust. As each day unfolds, seeds that were planted during the Darkness Visible workshop continue to grow and blossom.  It was an exploration of freedom that has touched me more deeply than anything in my life. I was guided to a place where I could finally let go of the rigid shell encompassing me, and I have made real changes that have set my life in a new direction upward!  A day does not pass that I do not think about what has happened and how grateful I am to have met you all and been witnessed by darkness.

Renae Barton
General Manager, Moby Dick Motel MA - USA

It is my pleasure and truth to be able to highly commend the work of The Sacred Trust. Over the years I have worked with a number of teachers to help develop my shamanic awareness and practice. However, in all those years it was not until I came across the training of The Sacred Trust that I felt I had ‘come home’ and found a framework and teachers whom I could totally trust and who were not coming from a place of ego. I recently attended the Shamanism and the Spirits of Nature course. I felt held and safe to fully explore what has always felt an intuitive connection with nature in the beautiful and powerful ancient setting of The Sacred Trust Centre deep in the Dorset countryside. We were taken to depths of connection with the spirits of nature that sang to me; yet were challenging and very deep. I have learnt transferable techniques and skills that I look forward to passing onto others. Simon is a wise, compassionate, natural teacher who totally able to hold the group. He cares passionately about the work and is incredibly knowledgeable. He is also open to extending his own learning and makes you feel comfortable that you have something to bring to the circle.As a bonus the rest of the staff are efficient, helpful, approachable, humorous and really great cooks! I encourage you to go and experience for yourselves!

Anthea Cooke
Director, Inukshuk Consultancy

The Sacred Trust and its  keepers/teachers Simon and Naomi are amazing teachers! Having completed the Shamanic Practitioner training back in 2006 and then coming back here so many years later to attend Darkness Visible I continue to be filled with deep sense of humility to the profundity and embodiment that these teachers hold. They have a way of inspiring and empowering their students so that the teaching given are absorbed into the body-mind system and retained to keep that standard of excellence and integrity ever present within ones own practice. If only this way of learning and teaching was taken up in our school system we would change the world into utopia in one generation. In my opinion The Sacred Trust is the place to study shamanic practice if you are a sincere seeker of Love, Truth & Wisdom.

Rebecca Hanscombe
Director, The School of Ecstatic Movement

I do not consider that my words can do justice to my experience of The Sacred Trust. To say that it continues to be both deeply healing and transformative is very true but it just doesn’t go far enough. I have found the workshops to be a place and a space so beautifully created, where I am invited to move toward my own authenticity, and as I find the courage to do so I am guided into a deeper relationship with Spirit and encouraged to be open to the possibilities that such a Sacred relationship may hold.
And it is the possibilities which I have glimpsed so far that I struggle to put into words. Arriving at the knowing that I may never feel alone again is such a precious gift to receive, I feel it is my duty to continue into this work in case I may be called upon to be of service. From my heart I say, Thank You All; for holding us so gently and yet so safely whilst we undertake such precious work and for guiding us so skillfully towards the teachings and for showing us the power and joy of community. Our curiosities are stirred and our passions ablaze and a true desire for harmony and change builds within.

Jan Findlay

I attended the introductory course The Way of the Shaman in April 2014. The course was held up in London, in a wonderful renovated chapel in Little Venice. The course was extremely interesting and informative, the exercises to be engaged with were clearly explained so that there was no doubt as to what was, hopefully, to be achieved. Questions raised were answered fully and where appropriate humorously, giving a good balance of levity to the more serious side of the topic. It was an exhilarating, emotional, spiritual and satisfying experience and left me with the desire to learn more, and this I put down to the enthusiasm and passion of our shamanic tutor, Simon Buxton. As a result I signed up for the long weekend workshop Shamanism and the Spirits of Naturewhich is held at the Sacred Trust Centre in Dorset. Where can I start? This is indeed a magical place to work!  It oozes spirituality, presence and serenity! The  ancient woodlands, lake, and pastureland all resonate with the Spirits of Nature themselves. The main work room for the course was an amazing space of spiritual atmosphere which intensified as the workshop progressed. Emotions were heightened and brought to the fore for

many during this experience. The wonderful people of the Sacred Trust Centre made everyone welcome, the accommodation was good, food was sublime, and the whole ambiance of the setup made me feel I wanted to stay there longer! I have already

signed up for my next course at this special place. My thanks go to Simon and all at The Sacred Trust for the great work they are doing. May it long continue!

Valerie Burgess
Systems Programmer, retd.

Describing what a wonderful experience it has been for me to take my first steps on The Path of Pollen initially struck me as an easy task. Words such as ‘miracle’ and ‘enormous spiritual adventure’ and ‘unbelievable shape-shifting’ came to mind. And while these words are accurate, they are ultimately insufficient.

Upon starting the training I quickly began to experience an ever-growing feeling that I formed part of a wonderful development, a feeling that then changed into a conviction and certitude. I now know with that certitude that I have been walking on a terrific way. I have no idea when or if I will ever finish this way nor what I will encounter upon it, but that is not so important. What I do know for sure is that I am on my way to myself. And that is what I can call a miracle, what I can name as a great shape-shifting and an enormous spiritual adventure. I am full of gratitude for all the elders of the Path of Pollen, for my wonderful teachers Naomi Lewis and Kate Shela and all the sisters who have taken their first steps with me. They have given me the feeling of being protected & loved and to cut a very long story short, participating in this blessed work has allowed me to feel and to become a very blessed woman!

Nicole Grabert
Publishers Representative (Germany)

I have been to the Sacred Trust Centre on three occasions and each time have been struck by the dedication, generosity, commitment and absolute integrity I have encountered there.  Simon Buxton and Naomi Lewis and the other teachers manage to embody and bridge the gap between academic knowledge & rigour and profound spiritual understanding coming from a direct and life-giving encounter. This is shared in a clear and accessible way, sprinkled with light-hearted humour. Together with the high-quality and abundant food, the rich landscape of woods, hedges, open fields  – this is a place to explore the frontiers of human experience and come back restored, refreshed, renewed and inspired.   You will experience true sacred trust here and come back with a hopeful heart

Kate John

I recently attended the Darkness Visible retreat, and can say it has been one of the most exceptional experiences I’ve ever had. I had no idea how powerful darkness is, and how clarifying its experience. I came away from the workshop with plenty of energy and a clear focus of what needed to be done in my life for the foreseeable future. Simon Buxton and Naomi Lewis are wise, inspiring and generous guides, and the assistants on the course are gentle and loving hands in the dark. I can only thank all of you for providing opportunities of this kind!

Ralf Jeutter PhD
Homeopath, Podiatrist & Lecturer

I have been a participant on The Way of the Melissae workshop and on The Darkness Visible course. What has been striking is the wholeheartedness of the team and their teachings and also how impeccable they are. At times the work was challenging – on a couple of occasions I felt taken to my edge and I could only go there because I felt so well held. The teachers were steadfast and very encouraging. Mostly though my experience was of being able to drop deeper and deeper with softness and flow and this was facilitated by just the right thing at the right time. It was wonderful to be so vulnerable, soft and open alongside my fellow participants. I am so grateful I have found The Sacred Trust. Their work is vital – both necessary and truly alive. Thank you.

Jacqueline Beattie RSHom